How To File A Personal Injury Claim In Oregon: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve been in an accident or have suffered an injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Filing a personal injury claim in Oregon can be a daunting process, but it’s important to know your rights and take the necessary steps to protect them. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you file a successful claim.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

The first step in any personal injury case is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Even if you don’t think the injuries are severe, it’s important to get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Your health is the top priority.

Step 2: Collect Evidence

After seeking medical attention, start collecting evidence related to the accident or injury. Evidence is crucial in proving negligence, liability, and damages. Here are some pieces of evidence that can help your case:

  • Accident/incident report: If the injury happened at someone else’s property or in a car accident, make sure to obtain an accident report from the relevant authority.
  • Witness statements: Get contact information from any witness(es) who saw the incident occur.
  • Photos/videos: Take pictures and videos of the scene, the injuries, and any damages to property or vehicles.
  • Medical records: Keep copies of all medical bills, receipts, and records related to treatment for your injuries.
  • Insurance policies: Make a copy of your insurance policy or policies, including your health and auto insurance.

Step 3: Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases can be complex, so it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Seek recommendations, do your research, and find an attorney who specializes in your type of case. Most personal injury attorneys in Oregon work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case.

Step 4: File Your Claim (with Help from Your Attorney)

Your attorney will help you prepare and file your personal injury claim. In Oregon, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is typically two years, so it’s important to act quickly. Your attorney will likely send a demand letter to the at-fault party, outlining the damages you’re seeking and the reasons for the claim.

Step 5: Wait for a Response

The at-fault party (or their insurance company) will have a certain amount of time to review the demand letter and respond. They may choose to accept the demand, negotiate a settlement, or deny the claim altogether. Your attorney will help you navigate any negotiations or court proceedings.

Step 6: Receive Compensation

If a settlement is reached, you will receive the compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. If a trial is necessary, a judge or jury will decide the outcome of the case.


Filing a personal injury claim in Oregon can be a daunting process, but it’s important to know your rights and take the necessary steps to protect them. Seek medical attention, collect evidence, hire an experienced attorney, file your claim, and wait for a response. With persistence and legal expertise, you can successfully recover the compensation you deserve.

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