What Damages Can You Recover In A Louisiana Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident due to the fault of another, it can be a very stressful and traumatic experience. From car accidents to slip and falls, personal injury cases can cause great physical and emotional suffering, medical expenses, job loss and lost wages. In such cases, you can seek damages through a Louisiana personal injury lawsuit. But what types of damages can you recover in such a lawsuit?

Economic Damages

Economic damages are expenses you incur as a direct result of the accident and subsequent injuries. These damages are primarily for financial losses and can be proven with accurate documentation. Economic damages can include the following:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses include all bills associated with treatment and diagnosis of injuries sustained in the accident. This can include any medical tests, surgeries, hospital stays, medication, or rehabilitation. It can also include future medical bills if you need ongoing treatment or therapy.

Lost Wages

Lost wages can include any income you lost while you were recovering from the injuries sustained in the accident. This can be proven by showing your pay stubs and any documentation from your employer detailing any missed days at work.

Property Damage

If your property was damaged in the accident, you can claim the replacement or repair costs. This can include your car, motorcycle, or any other property damaged in the accident.

Non-Economic Damages

Some personal injury cases can lead to long-term effects, and not just economic damage. The following are non-economic damages you might be able to recover:

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages compensate for the physical pain and emotional and psychological stress resulting from the injuries. These damages are subjective and can be difficult to calculate. A court may consider the severity of the injuries, the extent of disability, and the prospective recovery time.

Loss of Consortium and Companionship

A spouse or family member of an injured plaintiff can also suffer significant damages from their loved one’s injury. They may lose the injured party’s affection, guidance, or companionship. If this is the case, the spouse or family member can claim loss of consortium or companionship damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages may be awarded in addition to other damages. These damages are levied to punish the defendant for their wrongful conduct. These are only awarded if the defendant’s conduct was particularly egregious or intentional.

Getting Expert Help

Having an experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that your economic losses and non-economic suffering are compensated appropriately. In your claim, an attorney can gather evidence, calculate damages, and negotiate with insurance companies to help you recover the maximum damages to which you may be entitled.


When you have suffered damages as a result of a personal injury, it’s important to know your rights. In Louisiana, you have the right to recover damages commensurate with the suffering and economic loss endured due to the fault of another. Hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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